Hydraform™ Soft-Tech Insulluxe™ Handheld - 16 oz.

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Featuring an innovative patent-pending retractable design, the Hydraform Soft-Tech Insulluxe™ keeps your reservoir-flask secure while providing "always-full" functionality as you hydrate

  • Premium engineered design allows the flask to be retracted by pulling the sleeve cord as you drink optimizing comfort and ease of drinking.
  • Duel stabalizing finger loops and hand strap with quick-access gel slots optimize comfort and stability
  • Shrink as you drink design and high flow bite valve maximize preformance
  • Thermal sleeve cushions hand while keeping fluids cool
  • Reversible flask for easy cleaning and drying, top-rack dishwasher safe, and BPA/PVC free

Additional Details

Fluid Capacity:
16 oz.
Cap Style:
High flow bite valve
Two gel loops on back of hand strap

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