RunLite™ Hydration Belt (Xtech 10K™+ 20K™ Styles)

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The most customizable hydration belt ever designed, featuring squeeze-and-release access, an optimized storage capacity pack and three-products-in-one value - an egineering feat and race and training winner

  • Integrated XL AirFlow™ pack holds all your training and race day needs with two or four 10.5 oz. clip-on Hydraform Xtech™ bottles make the RunLite™ model belts and packs all you need to stay hydrated.
  • Fully adjustable 1.5" webbing belt with Grypton™ hip-hugging belt features provides on-the-run stay in place stability with low profile buckle
  • Lengthy zippered compartment fits large phones, keys, cards, and more
  • Breahtable AirFlow™ mesh circulates air between your back and the pack eliminating sweaty hot-spots
  • Xtech™ modules can be positioned vertically or horizontally anywhere on the belt or removed/added

Additional Details

Fluid Capacity:
21 & 42 oz.
Pocket Size:
8" x 4"
Cap Style:
Belt Width:

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