See the Difference: Visibility Gear in Action

See the Difference: Visibility Gear in Action

Aug 4th 2022

Xinglet Optic Beam Lite™ Vest 

With 360 degree reflectivity and lighted tubing, this vest is a powerful boost to your night time, early more, and twighlight visibility. 

ArmPod SmartView™ Sumo Arm Band 

Change from your basic black arm band phone holder to Amphipod's Reflective-Burst™ version for an easy boost to your reflectivity. Adding a reflective element to your arm, which swings while running, enhances drivers' ability see you.

Ultra-Strobe™ Clip Lights 

Our new clip light had 16 max lumens, which is double the lumens of simular 2-pack LEDs. Pick you color - Green, Pink, or mix it up with Disco Ball!

Full-Viz™ USB Slap Band

Soft inner liner keeps you chafe-free and helps the slap band stay in place while you're on the go.

Vizlet Mini™ LED Magnetic Reflectors

The smaller version of our Vizlet™ LED Refelctors, these Flash Mini™ Reflectors have the same flashing LED but their petite design allows your to stick them in even more places like shoe laces, back of a hat, gear loops, and more! 

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