Hydraform Chiller™ Handheld - 12 & 20 oz.

$30.00 - $35.00
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The new & revolutionary Hydraform Chiller™ handheld with innovative Ice-Wall™ technology, delivering cooling and refreshing hydration sure to elevate every run!

  • Cools your fuel, your palm, and your body delivering cool refreshing hydration
  • Promotes faster recovery
  • Easy and Simple to use:
    1. Place the empty bottle with the sleeve on it in the freezer (3+ hours or overnight)
    2. Remove from freezer, fill with tap/room temp or cold water/fluid, put the lid on
    3. Go run!
  • Comfortable, lightweight, triple-insulated design
  • Innovative integrated Ice-Wall™ design delivers extended thirst-quenching hydration even for longer runs
  • Extra-refreshing in warm weather climates!
  • Significantly more effective than double-wall handhelds
  • Hand relaxing ergonomic low-profile Hydraform™ bottle with premium Jett-Lock™ cap
  • Super comfortable cushioned construction
  • Durable and soft fully-adjustable hand strap with Thumb-Lock™ Technology delivering hand-relaxing hydration
  • Easy to clean – sleeve is removable for cleaning with dishwasher-safe BPA-free bottle
  • Available in two sizes: 12oz. and 20oz.

Patented and Patent-Pending

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