Original SnapFlask™ 10.5 oz. Bottles (Two Pack)

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Low-profile 10.5 oz. SnapFlask™ bottles - 2 pack.  Interchangeable in 8 and 10 oz. module.

  • For use with Amphipod RunLite™ hydration belts (8 and 10 oz. SnapFlask™ modules)
  • Ergonomically contoured with a 100% leak-free hi-flow spout
  • Low-profile slosh minimizing design
  • Exclusive 35mm wide-mouth for quicker filling, easy cleaning and ice!
  • High-flow spout for instant quench
  • Dishwasher safe, easy-to-clean and BPA-free

For original style clips only. Not compatible with Xtech modules. 

Additional Details

Fluid Capacity:
10.5oz per bottle

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